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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Annuity Terms

As the previous post indicated, henceforth some of my posts will provide links to documents in the .pdf format in lieu of including the covered material in a post. But some posts will provide instead links to slidecasts that I have created using the scratch programming language developed at M.I.T..

The term slidecast is an abbreviation for slide podcast. The goal is to combine both visual information in a form similar to that in a slide presentation with audio information in a form similar to that of a podcast.  

The programs that I have written for this purpose are compatible with many computer browsers. They can also be used on some other devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc.. With computer browsers, it is possible to choose to have the narration in English, French or Spanish. However, for devices without keyboards, only English is available.  

The first slidecast covers annuity terms.

The terms offered by insurance companies and others who provide annuities change from time to time. In recent years there has been a substantial decrease in the amount of future income that can be purchased for a given current payment. This slidecast shows some of the changes in annuity terms and the driving force behind them. To access it, click on this link:


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